Remove Age Spots on Hands and De-Age Your Skin

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To remove age spots on hands can be challenging, because it is difficult to protect them from the sunlight.  It might come as a surprise to you, but that's what causes uneven pigmentation in later life.  No matter what you use to try and fade them, with continued exposure to the sun, they will only come back again.  In fact, they may not go away at all.

The available solutions for fading the pigmented areas are chemical compounds that inhibit melanin production.  Melanin is produced in response to exposure to UV rays of sunlight.  There are no solutions that inhibit melanin production by 100%.  So, if UV is present, melanin will continue to be produced. 

The amount of melanin that is produced will be reduced, so the spot might start to look lighter, but unless the chemicals are applied carefully, the surrounding area will be lighter, too.  You can probably see how that works or doesn't.  The spot will still be darker than the rest of your hand.

So, how can we remove age spots on hands?  The trick is to find a good anti-aging hand and body lotion.  With regular use, it will de-age the skin all over your body.  There are ingredients to look for and others to avoid when you go shopping for an anti-aging body lotion.  First let's look at the ones to avoid.

Anything thing derived from petroleum (crude oil) can stimulate melanin production.  The reason for that is unclear.  It is assumed that petroleum is not something that the skin was exposed to as man was developing.  Because of that, the body does not know quite how to respond to it.  There are still many things that we don't understand about how the human body works.  Sometimes it seems that the more we know, the less we understand. 

But, if you want to remove age spots on hands, we know that you should avoid:

Mineral oil
Ethylene oxide
Methyl alcohol
Ethyl alcohol
Isopropyl alcohol

There may be many others, but those are the ones that seem to contribute to the formation of a brown spot on the skin. 

There are a number of safe, effective and all natural ingredients that will help remove age spots on hands, with regular use.  Some of them are antioxidants, which repair damage done by free radicals. 

Research has shown that the number of free radicals in older skin is higher than in younger and the number of naturally occurring antioxidants in the cells is lower.  That change in the free radical/antioxidant ratio causes all kinds of problems.  Restoring the ratio to what is present during our younger years can correct all kinds of problems.

Some of the most beneficial antioxidants, according to clinical trials, are coenzyme Q10 and natural vitamin E.  Those ingredients will help you remove age spots on hands and may help keep them from coming back.  Before you buy anything, you might want to learn more about what to look for.  There are other effective compounds, too.

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Remove Age Spots on Hands and De-Age Your Skin

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This article was published on 2010/03/29