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Calculating Biological Age. It's not a secret that there are lots of ways to calculate body's age. Most known and most popular free methods are questionnaires. When you answer a series of questions about your habits and lifestyle, you'll get an answer based on what your age should be. Assuming that the questionnaire covers all sides of your wellbeing answered correctly from your side, the physiological input is missing. As an example, your body might be experiencing a lack of a particular vitamin or got a disease on the early stage. The latter lowers your real age significantly while you can't feel that yet. And that is not taken into account to report your b age.Therefore, the result from questionnaire is less likely to be correct. So what are non-questionnaire methods?

One of the most popular things to do to measure your real age is to complete what is known as a pinch test. This is a test that is used to determine how elastic one's skin is. This is a useful tip in that it helps to see how well one's body is and whether or not it is aging properly. In this test the skin on the back of one's hand is pinched back for a minute and is then let go. After this the skin should be checked in terms of how long it will take for the skin to get back to its original form.

When it takes longer for the skin to revert to its normal form the person's biological age will be greater. For instance, for a man if it takes five seconds for his skin to revert to normal his real age will be about 48 while if it takes ten seconds to revert to normal his body's age will be around 55. For a woman if her skin reverts back to normal in one second her biological age will be around 31 while her real age would be around seventy if it takes 35 seconds for the skin to go back to normal.

A balance test can also be used to measure your body's age. In this test you will bend your right leg to a ninety degree angle and will then put your hands onto your hips. You will need to keep balance on your leg for as long as possible. Your biological age will be lower if you can stay balanced longer. If you can stay balanced for at least a minute your biological age most probably is at least less than thirty.

Another test deals with your vision. In this vision test you will put a ruler near your cheekbone and push a business card backwards and will then mark what point the words on the card start to blur. If the card can be read clearly at a closer distance then your biological age will be lower. This can be used to give you a better idea of how well your vision is because if your vision is healthier odds are your biological age is going to be lower.

Biological Age assessment - new method. Being aware of this problem, scientists and academicians from USA and Europe have spent several years on research on the subject of body ageing. They came up with a new tool that evaluates person's biological age using physiological data. But how it works?

Biological Age Test - how it works. Scientists decided to use a small sensor, attached to person's ear earlobe or a finger. It helps to collect all necessary data from the body to make a thorough analysis of the autonomic nervous system and provide a correct result. It's well known in scientific world that autonomic nervous system is responsible for controlling many major organs of your body. When any of body organs is not functioning properly, autonomic nervous system reports it immediately. Another important thing to analyze is baroreceptor strength. It's known that this parameter is declining with age. The reason is simple: the sensitiveness of the body to any external or internal stimulant makes body easily adaptable to new environment and tells about its strong immunity to fight diseases. Therefore, scientists decided to include both ANS and baroreceptor strength analysis into Health Reviser's Biological Age test .

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Now Biological Age Test is a simple to use tool that can be used at any computer by anybody to assess body's age. Person will get a detailed report containing person's current biological age, real age trend and a progress from the last test. It is an essential tool to monitor health condition and reveal some of the hidden health issues of the body. You're very welcome to do this test and any feedback is greatly appreciated by Health Reviser team.

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Biological Age Test

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This article was published on 2010/03/29